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This is a strong yet safe ph balanced wheel cleaner that was designed for almost any type of wheel!

Dissolves break dust in as little as 3 minutes!


Recommended application instructions and tips

Blush is one of the most highly effective non-acid wheel cleaners on the market today. Allow time for your wheels to cool down and then spray directly on to each wheel while they are still dry. This product is designed to turn red once the product has penetrated the road dirt and brake dust. 

1. Note: This product is safe to use on steel, alloy, painted, powder coated, uncoated, and anodized aluminum.

2. Spray evenly on your wheels when they are cool and dry

3. Let stand for 3-5 minutes and the liquid will turn bright red while fighting grime. Use a mitt or brush for stubborn grime and rinse with high pressure. 


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