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MR. BLUE provides the absolute ultimate water-resistant high shine for tires.

This product may create stares while out on a drive. Mr. Blue is the perfect final touch for any clean ride to add attractive durable appeal.

If you do not like a high level of shine on your tires this product may not be for you.

Mr. Blue's shine is water resistant once it has dried on to the surface of any clean tire. The unique formula is designed to prevent runs when sprayed or applied with an applicator. Easy to use!  This is a solvent based dressing. 

Recommended Application instructions and tips

High gloss shine - Clean the tire with a wheel safe cleaner and spray Mr. Blue on to an applicator sponge (two to three sprays depending on the size of the tire) then take the sponge and begin to glide the product across the tire. Repeat if needed until the tire is solid and even with a high gloss. Let dry for 15 minutes to prevent the dressing from slinging while driving.

Ultimate gloss shine - Clean the tire well and remove the previous dressing if present with a wheel safe tire cleaner (also a brush if needed). Next mist the dressing on to the tire until the tire is entirely covered then remove any excess from the wheel with a clean microfiber towel. Let the product dry on each tire for 30 minutes to prevent the dressing from slinging while driving.


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