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This is a very powerful multipurpose cleaner that penetrates quickly to clean and lift stains from almost any material!

Lift pollutants and grime with ease!

Special cleaner is a superior exterior degreaser while still performing as the top ranked carpet and upholstery cleaner as well.


Recommended application instructions and tips

Special cleaner is one of the most diverse product builds on the cleaning market. Take cleaning to the max when it comes to the ultimate exterior cleaning preparations while also performing as an excellent interior upholstery cleaning product as well. For best results when cleaning interior panels or seats use a damp mitt/microfiber towel and spray the cleaner into your cleaning tool then work special into the desired area until you see the dirt dissolve. Special can be sprayed directly onto carpet areas and we recommend that you use a damp mitt/microfiber towel to work the product into the stained area until it has been removed. For lighter duty cleaning you can dilute Special cleaner up to 1:1 (cleaner to water ratio) and still deliver remarkable results. Special will effortlessly breakdown road film and dirt build up in the engine bay or on fender wells with a high-pressure rinse. 

1. Do not apply to any hot surfaces. 

2. For upholstery cleaning use a microfiber towel or mitt that has been dampened with water to clean each surface with. Make sure the product is sprayed into your cleaning tools for a rapid even clean appeal. 

3. This product quickly cleans carpets, vinyl, and plastics. It provides exceptional results when being used to remove grease, oil, dirt, mineral deposits, wax, road film, and the most stubborn stains you can find. 


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