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Blue Hawaii provides the extreme black look that you really want from a premium dressing! 

Ready to use with "0" mixing required! 

An excellent safe dressing to use on your engine bay, tires, fender wells, and so much more! 



Recommended application instructions and tips

Blue Hawaii is a safe nontoxic dressing that provides a rich durable shine! Use an applicator pad or towel to apply to any trim on your vehicle. For high gloss spray the products on to a tire or fender well and let it stand for 5 to 10 minutes depending on the current climate and the product will turn into a deep rich black shine once it has penetrated the surfaces. Blue Hawaii can be used with an applicator sponge as well for a lower gloss level on tires. 

1. This is a nontoxic and biodegradable dressing. 

2. Shake well. Use a square folded towel or dressing sponge if applying this product to plastics or vinyl surfaces. 

3. For tire dressing please make sure the tire has been cleaned well before using Blue Hawaii. For the highest level of gloss on tires allow the product to air dry until the tire has a deep rich shine.


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