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This product makes it extremely easy to protect and create a hydrophobic barrier on paint, glass, plastic, rubber, and so much more! 

With each use you will leave surfaces detergent resistant and hyper slick.

What is the amazing secret that causes slickster to perform so well?

The micro infused cross linking polymers allows this unique formula to leave an active hyper slick barrier effortlessly unlike any other spray sealer on the market. 

Recommended application instructions and tips

This highly concentrated formula works best when applied to a cool surface (not hot to touch). Slickster has a unique non streak formula that is shockingly easy to use. This product will treat up to a 5'x5' section with two sprays. Use a clean folded high quality microfiber towel to work the product across the finish then turn it over and buff the rest of the product on with the dry side of the towel until you can see the final slick appeal. There is no substitute for how Slickster performs.

1. This product is safe to use on any surface including ceramic coated finishes, waxed finishes, painted surfaces, plastic, rubber, wheels, glass, chrome, and more!

2. Shake well before using.

3. For amazing results use this product without dilution straight on to a dry clean surface.


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