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HPDetailing's story

HPDetailing is a company that operated in the detailing industry for years trying products locally and nationally in hopes to deliver high quality results and of course excitement when caring for investments. We finally decided to establish a line of products that doesn't just meet the detailing world standard but creates a true bond with you and the product's results.

The HPDetailing brand is in over 50 store locations today. As a car care products provider, we simply took the time to follow up with our shoppers and asked a few questions. I would like to tell you that we are simply that great at making sure our chemist formulates the best products but amazing feedback from clients has helped us know that we are not the only ones who feel that the HPDetailing product line delivers results unlike any other group of car care selections!

Price and superior quality are absolutely paramount

We always want to make sure that the products we sell to our clients aren't just the best products but also priced where you don't have to go with a choice that doesn't create the same excitement.

Every product we offer is blended and bottled in the U.S.A. Providing the latest innovative products on the market has always created a passion that excites us. 

Quality control

Our experienced team takes the quality of your products very seriously. All retail products are stored in a secured area until sold to our customers.


Share your experience using HPDetailing products with us! 

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